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[1080p] 刮风的好日子 A.Windy.But.Pleasant.Day.1980.1080p.BluRay.x264-GiMCHi 7.65G

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: r7 ]1 K8 h) x& c( U  Y
2 w5 x( o: a9 `* ?5 j+ G

% j2 v4 ?$ m7 @0 `! H4 s: C: R◎译  名 刮风的好日子 / Good Windy Day / A Fine, Windy Day / 吹着风的好日子 / A Windy, But Pleasant Day' P' p; J5 [2 z( c
◎片  名 바람불어 좋은날5 M+ y5 L! f3 s
◎年  代 1980
/ O$ Z! |1 p4 Y: D: s◎产  地 韩国
  z: ~( I( v+ r% s# X) ^( N◎类  别 剧情 / 爱情
! c  `0 {' X5 q◎语  言 韩语# Y. d! d; x' }6 j8 V
◎上映日期 1980-11-27(韩国)
2 V9 N9 N8 N, u% l: M1 U◎IMDb评星  ★★★★★★␣␣␣␣
' {. D1 M+ w3 Q$ Q◎IMDb评分  6.1/10 from 59 users
* L$ o3 R. ]6 P+ a◎IMDb链接  https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0319027/4 h" C0 W$ e  H, h0 V+ ?
◎豆瓣链接 https://movie.douban.com/subject/4263322/* z1 s  l0 z4 g$ l/ X
◎片  长 113分钟
$ j( e% r* a* @8 t& m# @: e◎导  演 李长镐 / Jang-ho Lee
4 m3 \6 `: ~* i) Q7 N% ?: U2 V◎演  员 安圣基 / Sung-kee Ahn0 s) ^  g8 Z3 |$ [* _
      金宝妍 / Bo-yeon Kim7 W( L7 x3 v& ~6 `* Q
◎编  剧 李长镐 / Jang-ho Lee8 {5 C: V6 Y; z) w8 h) E

1 T; p2 B8 T5 g" n1 e, f3 }◎标  签 韩国 | 1980 | 安圣基 | 李长镐 | 韩国电影 | 韓國 | 李長鎬 | 爱情" K3 a0 q% M( a8 c
, V4 y4 i1 `3 q) ^$ f; Z
◎简  介 
" m3 Y" g; g) z7 m# v4 M: U
! _  q9 ?' w) m& [5 J- b& G4 @9 W  Fresh from the country, Duk-bae (Ahn Sung-ki), Chun-sik (Lee Young-ho), and Kil-nam (Kim Seong-chan) work at a Chinese restaurant, barbershop, and motel, respectively, in a newly-developing area just outside of Seoul. They share friendship and moral support with one another in their difficult lives. Due to ongoing development, even long-established inhabitants of the area are forced to give up their farmland and leave their homes. Meanwhile, Kil-nam is in love with a hairdresser named Jin-ok, and Chun-sik has his heart set on Miss Yu (Kim Bo-yeon), who works as a shaver in the same barbershop. Simplehearted Duk-bae finds himself torn between Chun-sun (Lim Ye-jin), a bright and spirited girl from the country, and Myung-hi (Yoo Ji-in), a foul-tempered yet captivating high society girl. However, Duk-bae learns that Myung-hi, who pretended to care for him, was merely playing with him. Similarly, Jin-ok runs off without paying back the money she owes Kil-nam. Although Miss Yu loves Chun-sik, she becomes the mistress of Mr. Kim (Choi Bul-am), a regular at the barbershop, in order to pay for her father's medical fees and her siblings' tuition. Enraged, Chun-sik stabs Mr. Kim and ends up in prison. Kil-nam enlists in the military, and Duk-bae resolves to defeat the world by boxing.
! u7 O0 r- P. K  w) |

2 m' l1 x7 @1 x# T" P0 K/ Y& T' Q3 {- R. \8 W3 ^% Z7 ~
$ t0 V( j5 _& R
, h8 f" X) e7 O9 u+ K0 g6 P; Q; _

0 Z* E$ H- F" \# e* \" H7 `# ]$ U. d5 m
$ Z' @4 `4 U9 y& I; D3 k
2 b$ z3 J. a4 _7 i& I8 T
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